Enabling cookies
Your browser must support cookies in order for the shopping basket and checkout to work properly. Cookies are kept for 14 days should you wish to return to the website on a future occasion to look for products.

To enable cookies, please follow the instructions below that correspond to your browser. If your browser does not support cookies, you can upgrade to a newer browser, such as Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 7.

If you see a message notifying you that a website is trying to send you a cookie you should choose to accept or you will not be able to use the shopping basket and checkout.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x
1. From the 'Tools' menu, select 'Internet Options'.
2. Click the 'Privacy' tab. You should either see a slider or the word 'custom' (if you see the word 'custom', follow the instructions for advanced users instead).
3. By default, this should be set to 'medium', if it is all the way at the top, move it down until the word 'medium' is displayed as this is the highest level which will allow the cookie to work properly. Click 'OK', close all your open IE6 windows, and restart IE.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
1. From the 'Tools' menu, select 'Internet Options'.
2. Go to the 'Security' tab.
3. Click on 'Internet'.
4. Click the 'Custom Level' button.
5. Set 'Allow per-session cookies (not stored)' to either 'Enable' or 'Prompt'.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
1. From the 'View' menu, select 'Internet Options'.
2. Go to the 'Advanced' tab.
3. Look for the 'Cookies' icon in the 'Security' section.
4. Set 'Cookies' to either 'Always accept cookies' ' or 'Prompt before accepting cookies'

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x
Cookies are always enabled in IE3

Netscape Navigator 4.x or greater
1. Go to the 'Edit' Menu.
2. Select the 'Preferences' Menu Item'
3. From the window that appears on the left select 'Advanced'.
4. Select 'Accept all cookies' or 'Accept only cookies that get sent back to originating server'.

Other Browsers
To see if your browser supports cookies, and for detailed instructions about how to enable this feature, see the online Help for your browser.

If you continue to have a problem using the site, please email info@mitchamgardencentre.co.uk
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